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The No More Medicines Non-Profit Organization & Public Charity was formed as a nonprofit corporation in California in 2005 by Cleaves M. Bennett MD. Its purpose is to promote healthy diets, active stress-free lifestyles and disease prevention, initially among Americans of all ages and later among all the peoples of the world. The message initially will be delivered through the books Control Your High Blood Pressure Without Drugs and the Control Your High Blood Pressure Cookbook both of which have been revised and updated from their original, mid-1980's editions. In due time the books will be translated into many of the most commonly spoken languages of the world.

In production are similar books to be devoted to the problems of high cholesterol, high blood sugar / type 2 diabetes, dementia, osteoporosis, gastro-intestinal reflux disease (GERD) and peripheral vascular disease. This same 12 week program teaching a much healthier diet, regular exercise and stress management prevents and/or improves all of these conditions assuming the person makes these lifestyle changes permanent.

The No More Medicines Non-Profit Organization & Public Charity is represented on the internet by the website NoMoreMedicines.com whose purpose is to assist and inspire people of all ages and ethnicities to live longer and more healthfully without the use of nor need for multiple “preventive medications” but instead with the exploration and adoption of disease preventing low fat, low salt and high fiber diets, exercise programs and healthy lifestyles including smoking cessation and moderation of alcohol intake. The interactive website will be translated into many of the most commonly spoken languages of the world.

The motto of The No More Medicines Non-Profit Organization is “Prevention, Not Pills”. People with acute or chronic illnesses such as peptic ulcer, pneumonia, bladder infection, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, psoriasis or multiple sclerosis for example most certainly may benefit or even be cured completely by medications. Such treatment is absolutely indicated, is cost effective and may even be lifesaving. For people who are truly sick, medications usually are necessary and appropriate.

On the other hand neither high blood pressure nor high cholesterol is a disease, but rather are unhealthy conditions that likely will lead to disease eventually if not corrected. The question for our time is what corrective measures are we going to take, given that we know very well the cardiovascular consequences of inaction.

Prescribing one or several medications to someone in their 30's or 40's or 50's with few if any symptoms, which they will need to take everyday for the rest of their lives , does not make them feel any better, has side effects that sometimes are quite serious, cost a lot of money and only have a statistical chance of helping them (for example drugs for high blood pressure or high cholesterol only reduce the risk of or delay the onset of heart attack and sudden death, stroke or heart and kidney failure rather than preventing these dread diseases permanently and completely.)

By contrast, healthy diets, regular exercise and stress reduction if started early enough and followed faithfully are as, or even more powerful than any of the medications in preventing most if not all of the common infirmities and diseases of aging including the cardiovascular diseases mentioned above. This benefit of lifestyle change has been demonstrated repeatedly by scientists and clinicians from respected medical centers, published in the most trusted scientific journals and presented at medical conferences all over the world as far back as the 1970's and as currently as July, 2005.

The No More Medicines Non-Profit Organization & Public Charity programs are a direct descendant of The InnerHealth Program developed in 1980 in downtown Los Angeles by Dr. Bennett and others under the guidance of Tim Gallwey, author of Inner Game of Tennis and other how to sport books. Dr. Bennett himself went through an epiphany at age 35, quitting a 20 year cigarette habit, dropping his cholesterol from a life-threatening 240 to 140, and beginning a jogging program which culminated in completing a 26.2 mile marathon at age 50 and again at age 51. At age 71 Dr. Bennett continues to enjoy both low cholesterol and blood pressure, walks 45 minutes twice daily, 7 days per week, eats mostly fish, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and continues to challenge himself mentally by among other things, lecturing to the residents and students at Harbor/UCLA Medical Center and in the nearby community about the joys and benefits of healthy living.