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Restrict Your Sugar Intake
Author: Cleaves M. Bennett MD FACP
Monday, January 07, 2008

Sugar and sweeteners are also recent additions to the human diet.

There's not a lot of evidence that sugar directly affects the blood pressure, but it certainly can have an enormously adverse effect on psychological well-being—and thus on stress.

There was even a murder case years ago in which the defense attorneys and their expert witnesses convinced a jury that the murderer of the mayor of San Francisco and a county supervisor

was not responsible for his cold-blooded crime—because he was acting under the influence of s ugary junk foods. The press whimsically called it "the Twinkie defense."

So there is evidence that sugar consumption can be harmful and can even cause bizarre and inappropriate behavior in some people. It is a major contributor to the obesity epidemic. I certainly advise all my patients to begin to restrict their sugar intake. But in treating high blood pressure, sugar isn't nearly as dramatic an issue as salt. It's just something you'd probably feel better with less of.

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